Benefits of Membership

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Become Part of the Largest Network of Defence and Security Consultants

IDSCA members are amongst the most qualified, reputable, and respected group of consultants in the world. The organisation’s high standards are a selective process, which is recognized throughout the defence community and security industry. Joining as an individual is as low as £45 a year. ($60 for everywhere else)

If you are a Small Business of 1 to 5 people? Then joining is a must, for as little as £150 for the year. You receive online presence on the IDSCA website. Possibly nominated for a Small Business Award annually, there are other great benefits without the headaches. You will receive media coverage, everytime we are present at each related exhibition or seminar.

Liability Insurance
IDSCA offers a group insurance program that provides members with a substantial discount on Errors & Omissions (E&O) liability insurance. The savings on your insurance premium may cover much of the cost of IDSCA membership dues tenfold.

Referrals, Referrals, Referrals
Actively involved IDSCA members will often receive new business referrals from other members and participate in “teaming” for new business development.

Partnerships Help You Serve Your Clients
When faced with the opportunity to serve a new or existing client that requires expertise in an area outside the member’s specialty, IDSCA consultants often partner with other members or refer the assignment.

Website Visibility
IDSCA's website is often the source a potential client uses to find a consultant or company. All IDSCA members are listed on the IDSCA’s website directory as defence and security consultants and experts, so your name, or companies name, is available to potential clients searching for a qualified security professional.

Annual Conference
This International event offers networking opportunities and educational programs especially tailored for professional defence and security consultants.

Best Practices
IDSCA members are in a unique position to help develop and implement industry best practices. We encourage members to paricipate in IDSCA's global initiatives and volunteer for activities that they relate to.

Speaker’s Bureau
Media contacts and speaking engagements are available to all Association members.

Research and Standards

Current IDSCA members have access to the most updated research abstracts on defence technology, bodyguarding points of contact, crime prevention methods, as well as an extensive list of national security standards.

Professional Affiliations
Members gain access to other professional Associations relating to the areas of Defence and Security.

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