Formed, in May 2013, the International Defence & Security Consultants Association is a professional body representing the future of security standards used within the industry.

Many organisations claim to support the interests of the global community of professional security and defence operators, although falling short in areas key to an individual or company protecting the humanity within the current political and economical climate.

The IDSCA organisation we formed on five core strategies:

1. Intrigity at the highest level.

2. Highest form of Commuication skills allowing for non-violent resolution.

3. High Professional Standards and Education available for its members.

4. Commitment to Global Security and Defence Initiatives and Technology.

5. Supporting the Future Generation of Security and Defence Professionals.

This organisation is formed by its members and not by policy. It unilaterally supports resolution where there is conflict, humanity where there is repression and support where there is failure.

By joining today as a member, you are embracing those principles, and we look to support you, in all your endeavours.

Mark Baxter MSc