Maybe you are in need of assistance for your current employment requirements.

We have over 32 Senior Security and Intelligence Consultants with vast experience with recruitment and selection of candidates. Based in 12 countries, we will be able to align the right consultant to assist with your career progression.

We offer a 30 day guarantee, in that if you are not receiving the responses you are entitled to, we will continue to assist a targeted job search on your behalf, completely FREE.

Our Services include (in English, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish, Arabic, German, Dutch, Finish, Polish and Afrikaans):

1. Career Coaching - Assisting with personal skills assessment, possible training requirements, and profile marketing tips.

2. Interview Techniques Coaching. Giving you the skills and attributes you need to outshine other candidates, over Skype.

3. Resume Writing and revamping services. Allow a professional senior recruiter to modify your resume, so that you are called first for the job that you want. Start to earn the salary that you are entitled to.

4. Linkedin Profile Assistance. Full modification of your online marketing platform, so that recruiters find you easily.

5. Job Action Plan - Complete employment assistance which will include coaching, job search strategy, marketing help, networking with key recruiters, CV and Cover Letter formats and Linkedin profile.

All IDSCA members receive 20% discount on all the above services. So join today for as low as £45 per year.


1. Resume/CV Fix. Which is basic modification of an existing profile checking grammar and format. - £25

2. Resume/CV Enhance. More detailed package allowing for a more complying document - £50

3. Complete Care Plus. Full rewrite, allowing for an outstanding resume, with skills questionnaire proforma - £150

4. Complete Care Plus. Full rewrite, allowing for an excellent resume, with full telephone/Skype assistance  - £250

5. Charlie Victor. Complete rewrite for senior executives in mind, ideally with salaries over £70,000 plus. - £500

6. Linkedin Silver - Detailed enhancement of profile and positive layout review. - £50

7. Linkedin Gold - Complete overhaul, with additional project support - £150

8. Interview Techniques Coaching - over telephone/Skype for 60 minutes - £95

9. Interview Techniques Coaching - over telephone/Skype for 30 minutes - £50

10. Job Action Plan - 60 minutes - £95


Service Options

We are happy to discuss options, and packages. Email us first your enquiry, and we will get back to you.