Michael AMOS - After a career in the Military, Michael embarked on a degree program and subsequently entered the World of Security Operations. With combined experiences from Security Guarding to Duty Manager, Michael is looking for a more teaching and instructional postings. Email: michael_amos1@yahoo.com


Izzet Murat FERT - After completing his Architecture education, Dr. Fert completed Building Management and MBA Master Programs and held various offices in Security and Facility Management and Operation Sectors. He integrated his more than 25 years of Facility Management and Operation, Security experience with his Architecture education and made numerous facilities’ Protection and Security Plans and prepared Facility Security Sceneries.

Lastly, as a result of his research and studies about the relations of Security – Architectural Design – the Concept of Crime, he took his doctorate in England on Criminal Science & Security Management.

Having articles and practice booklets about Private Security and Facility Management published in various magazines, İzzet Murat FERT gives seminars and provides training in order to convey his professional experience and knowledge as a professional. He maintains all his duties in national and international Distinguished Security and Facility Management, Association, Union and Organizations in managerial staff.

He founded FMPluS International Consultancy LLC that is based in United States and performs Security Consultancy, Risk and External Audit Consultancy within the scope of External Source Purchase, Tender, Facility Management and Operation in Business Firms and then the company, keeping the same brand, was reconstituted in our country and branched out. He added Management Consultancy to Company’s content and still maintains his service as Senior Executive Consultant in numerous national and international companies. Email Izzey on izzet.fert@fmplusconsultancy.com

Ian BELL - Ian is a security professional with over 15 years of experience across several disciplines. His knowledge covers technical security design and installation, close protection and has worked for a range of clients which include high net worth individuals, specialist security firms and global companies across the UK. Ian is currently a bodyguard and also qualified in the design and installation of physical security services such as intruder detection and fire alarms, video surveillance and CCTV systems also electrical access control products. Email: combatsecurityltd@hotmail.co.uk

Hannah GUTTERIDGE - I'm looking to build a professional career in the security industry, and currently work within the Business Administration. I enjoy the marketing and sales discipline side of business and hope to progress into more managerial roles in the near future. I'm looking to build long term relationships with other business administration departments and happy to connect with other IDSCA members.

Adam HARDING: With 5 years in the British Army, Adam has the following disciplines to hand: Door Supervisor: Team Leader, Close Protection, First Aid at Work, HGV Class 1 and Marital Arts.  Email: adam8harding@hotmail.com

Olivia PAKELTYTE - Recently started working in the security sector at Klear Rock International in UK. My role consists of marketing, sales and admin tasks. I'm enthusiastic and self-motivated and have good communication skills. I would consider running my own business and enjoy working with the public. I'm happy to connect with other members regarding security and business development around the UK.

Henk VON TONDER - (LOCATION: SOUTH AFRICA) - I am now seeking future employment hence this message to you all.
I ask that if anyone may be in need of a person with my qualifications, training and experience within their organisation. I have had numerous years experience within the security industry and VIP Protection believe that the skills I have obtained over the years could be an asset to any company or individual. Though in South Africa I am seeking CP contracts in Europe long/short term

If anyone can help or know of anyone that may have a position I could fill please contact me on one of the emails address below. Take care and stay safe. Email: henkvantonder@yahoo.com. Cell: +27712422798.

Philip WALTON - Starting a career in Close Protection with 16 years experience in security guarding, CCTV, Cash and Valuables in Transit, Door Supervision, Maritime Security, Philip is looking to network with like minded professionals around the World. Philip is a qualified instructor in many disciplines including: Security Guarding, CCTV, Conflict Management, Weapons Awareness and Recognition, MoD Search, Emergency First Aid and Enforcement Agents. Also helped several companies gain CQC, SIA ACS accreditation and other Quality Management Systems within the U.K. Email: pw@northridgeis.com

Osmund WAMBEEK - Qualified Close Protection Operative, who has a 1st Year National Diploma Certificate in Public Services (completing an exhibition in Dartmoor with Perry Ryan who is an Ex Paratrooper). Currently training to be a Private Investigator with the API Academy and IPI Institute. Greatest achievement to date is looking after the Russian Royal Family at Whitehall. He also has an instructor qualification in Rapid Assault Tactics Email: ozzy300186@yahoo.co.uk