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Gold Rated Vacancies

SRS Worldwide - Our specialist recruitment consultants have over ten years experience which is why Security Recruitment Specialists Worldwide Ltd is a leading player in Recruitment throughout the UK' sourcing candidates for some of the largest and most respected companies in the UK. Our experienced consultants have a vast knowledge of the positions we recruit for which is why Security Recruitment Specialists Worldwide have a candidate retention rate of 98%. Examples of positions filled, but not limited to:

•High Court Enforcement Agents
•Medical Repatriation Specialists
•Business & Group Travel Consultants
•Security Specialists/Maritime/Hostile Environment/Loss Prevention
•Transport/ Logistics/Freight
•Judicial Services/Certificated Enforcement Agents/Arrest Officers
•Collection Agents/Call Centre Staff
•Retail Travel Consultants/Home Workers
•Business Development Managers
•Meetings & Events Consultants
•Construction/Project Managers/Ground Workers
•SRSW specialise in sourcing candidates for demanding and difficult positions which can often lead to a high turn over of staff and costly restructuring.

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Security and Defence Vacancies:

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Want a new challenge? Why not apply to join the UKSF Reserve?

UKSF (R) comprises 21 SAS (R), 23 SAS (R), SBS (R) and 63 (SAS) Signal Sqn (R).

The UK Special Forces (Reserve) (UKSF (R)) offers exciting, unique, training and deployment opportunities. After training, individuals can be operating in difficult and fast changing circumstances; within situations that can have significant operational and strategic importance.

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Become a Royal Marines Officer.

We are the UK’s elite amphibious force. Using Royal Navy ships as a base and we launch operations from the sea, land or air. What makes us unique is our ability to operate in any location or environment. We’re specialists in mountain warfare and extreme cold-weather warfare and we train in climbing, skiing and mountaineering. We’ve developed expertise in jungle warfare and desert warfare and we are able to live and fight in the most hostile conditions on earth. We’re also highly trained in close-quarter combat in built-up areas, where lives literally depend on teamwork, discipline, weapon-handling skills and the ability to think on your feet. As a Royal Marines Officer, you will command a troop of Royal Marines, leading them from the front using your skills in planning, tactics and decision making while also being responsible for their morale, training and operational effectiveness. Click for more details here.